Yasmine al AbassiSpringfield, MO

From the first time I met and studied with Jasmin in Oklahoma City, I knew she was the instructor that I wanted to mentor me. Her professionalism, patience and meticulous style was what I wanted for myself. Since the 90’s I have attended many of her workshops all over the USA and have even sponsored her twice in my hometown. She’s just amazing, and I’m proud to call her my dance sister. When you sign up for Sakkara Dance, you will not be disappointed.

BezRock Island, IL | bellydancewithbez.com

The value of being a student to Jasmin Jahal is priceless.   As an instructor she offers clear and precise instruction and encouragement with each step.    I treasure each moment with Jasmin and greatly look forward to taking the online teachers’ course, Sakkara Dance, so I can receive her training on a more regular basis.

RaksannaNapervillle, IL | raksanna.com
If you’re interested in learning how to teach oriental dance in a way that delivers top quality and brings out the best in your students, I strongly recommend you consider Sakkara Dance.

I studied with Jasmin Jahal for over a decade. Not only did she develop me as a dancer, she taught me how to be a great teacher and strong business woman. She generously shared her secrets on how to build a successful dance program designed to last through the decades, based off her own first-hand experience. After having my own program since 2002, I can promise you Jasmin’s methodology works.

Through Sakkara Dance, you will become the best teaching version of yourself!

ZoheretLakeland, FL
I met Jasmin Jahal when we were taking weeklong classes with Ibrahim Farrah back in the 1980s but hadn’t seen her for 20 years until she taught a weekend workshop in Orlando. Her classes were organized in a smooth progression. Her knowledge of her craft, which has been augmented by her years dancing in Egypt, impressive. Her technique, along with her explanation of it, precise. Her creativity and musicality, superb. In performance, she exudes a sweet femininity that is supported by the powerful woman within.
ChristinaElgin, IL | www.EasternGroove.com
Jasmin Jahal is a dancer whose knowledge and understanding of Egyptian dance and the culture that surrounds it is extensive and impressive. Jasmin has a concise system for explaining not only dance movement, but the rhythms, music, history, and people of Egyptian dance. Her commitment to impeccable technique and exquisite artistry is matched only by her commitment to her students and their development as artists and future teachers of belly dance. Jasmin’s mentorship has guided me through my own dance career from student to performer to teacher to studio owner and I’m forever grateful to have her as a long-time coach and friend.